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Teacher’s Guides

The Earobics Teacher’s Guides address critical early literacy skills through engaging and effective lessons that use research-proven instructional strategies. Each of the critical areas of literacy is highlighted in its own guide, including phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary and communication, reading comprehension, fluency, plus writing.

The six guides include lessons that incorporate the Earobics materials, tools, and resources to provide interactive and meaningful experiences that can be used in a variety of instructional settings.

The Teacher’s Guides incorporate best practices in teaching in an easy-to-use format. Each lesson follows a proven “teach, practice, apply” methodology and feature extensions and variations to meet the needs of all students, including English language learners and students with special needs.

With the Earobics Teacher’s Guides, educators have the flexibility to seamlessly integrate Earobics into their existing language arts curriculum and help each of their students achieve academic success.

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Teacher’s Guide: Sample Lesson Plan