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“Earobics offers everything a teacher needs to target these struggling readers.”
Arment Guillaume

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June 31, 2006

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Enhanced Teacher Guides

The classroom teacher is just as if not more important than a challenging and engaging curriculum. With this key insight in mind, each Earobics implementation includes a comprehensive set of Teacher’s Guides to help teachers provide an effective instructional path in reading intervention.

The Earobics Teacher’s Guides integrate all materials, tools, and resources into effective lessons that actively engage and motivate students to achieve reading success. Following a proven Teach, Practice, Apply methodology in every lesson, teachers have full access to a variety of resources that systematically and explicitly teach students in each of the essential literacy skills identified by the National Reading Panel.

Each lesson also features variations and extensions for a variety of learning situations, including whole class instruction, small group teaching, and centers-based activities and additional options for tailoring instruction to each student’s individual needs.