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Student Resources

Earobics comes complete with a robust set of student resources to enrich reading instruction and actively engage students in learning critical literacy skills.


Earobics includes big books, little books, and leveled readers to support whole group, small group, and independent reading activities. Each book is carefully selected to support literacy skill development with an engaging story that motivates students to participate.

Earobics Foundations includes:
  First Story Rhymes series
  Sound Starters series

Earobics Connections includes:
  Second Story Rhymes series
  Sound Blends series
  Sound Rhymes series
  Harper Trophy I-Can-Read books


Print materials are supported and enhanced by engaging multimedia materials that motivate students on multiple levels and keep them actively engaged in learning, using:
  Talking CD-ROMs

Multisensory materials

Additional Earobics materials offer tactile and visual ways for students to develop essential literacy skills, including:
  Alphabet mats and letter sets
  Picture/word cards
  Letter-sound review deck



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