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Incorporating Earobics into your RTI program

Response to Intervention (RTI) is an emerging approach to making important education decisions for children. The objective is to reduce special education referrals to only those students who truly need those services. RTI does this through a program that focuses on using high-quality interventions matched to student needs.

The Earobics solution allows schools to intervene early to meet the needs of struggling learners and support student success. While methods for implementing RTI may differ, the one similarity they all share is the philosophy of applying instruction where indicators have shown it is needed. In most common RTI approaches, a three-tiered model is used to determine the level of support provided to students.

Tier 1 is the benchmark level–focusing instruction to all students through the core curriculum. RTI efforts at this level should be preventative and proactive.

Tier 2 is the strategic level–aimed at students who are struggling with the core curriculum. RTI efforts are still focused on groups, but incorporate targeted, in-depth intervention services to increase students’ skills.

Tier 3 is the intensive level for students who are continuing to struggle even with the strategic interventions provided in Tier 2. RTI efforts focus on intensive, individual intervention to help students achieve specific skill targets.  Once a target goal is reached, the level of intensity is adjusted.

Intervention at Strategic and Intensive Levels

At the Strategic Level, Earobics offers a complete, scientifically-based supplemental intervention solution with learning resources for small groups as well as individual instruction.

At the Intensive Level, Earobics facilitates more intensive intervention and individualized instruction to meet each child’s individual learning needs.