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Earobics includes powerful and customizable reporting capabilities that allow teachers and administrators to view up-to-the-minute student and group progress, and provide adaptive instruction based on performance.

Reports can be viewed by:


These reports allow educators to analyze data on numerous levels, from a broad level that shows progress of all schools, to a detailed level that shows a teacher how an individual student is performing. Teachers and administrators can follow the progress of classes or individuals working in various RTI tiers. A teacher can drill down to individual Earobics activities to see where a student or class might be having problems with specific learning tasks.

Automatic performance alerts and intuitive graphical reporting provide additional at-a-glance analytics and benchmarks to further guide instruction.

This detailed monitoring data can be filtered and viewed based on any of the demographics specified by No Child Left Behind, allowing administrators to view data for students in any demographic category and compare different subgroups. With Earobics, educators have a powerful tool for monitoring student performance and ensuring all students make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP).


Available in a Web-based version, or via LAN, WAN, or CD-ROM, Earobics offers flexible delivery options and accommodates each school or district’s needs, giving you the freedom to choose the platform that works best for you and supports your technology infrastructure. Earobics also fully supports Macintosh and Windows operating systems.

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