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Alignment with Core Programs

Each implementation of Earobics is seamlessly integrated into the classroom to provide effective reading instruction that achieves results. With detailed correlations and powerful integration tools, Earobics gives educators a diverse set of tools to support and extend the core program, meet challenging objectives, and ensure each student receives instruction suited to his or her individual needs.

Earobics Correlations provide detailed descriptions that show educators how Earobics can be used within all of the major core reading programs to provide additional instruction in key learning objectives with engaging multisensory tools.

Earobics is correlated to major reading programs:


Houghton Mifflin  l  Scott Foresman

 Harcourt Trophies   l  Open Court 2002  


Earobics also correlates to state curriculum standards to address key state core competencies.

See how Earobics aligns to your state's standards.


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