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Independent studies conducted in schools across the nation confirm that Earobics significantly impacts student achievement and helps struggling readers acquire the skills they need to be successful readers. No matter the learning environment, student population, or assessment used, Earobics has been proven to boost reading achievement. The results speak for themselves.

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Industry Reviews

Earobics is widely considered to be one of the most validated and quantifiable reading intervention programs. States across the country have reviewed the program and approved its use in their schools to quickly and effectively build student reading achievement.

Independent industry reviewers, including the Florida Center for Reading Research (FCRR), confirm these findings. As a vital source for districts and schools, FCRR regularly reviews reading programs to help teachers, principals, and district administrators make informed choices on effective instruction.

Earobics was among the select few programs in the supplemental, intervention, and technology-based program categories to achieve the FCRR’s highest ranking in all five reading areas.

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