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Grant Planning

The best way to ensure success in the grant process is to plan ahead. Here are few steps to steer you on the road to success.

Identify Issues and Examine Problems

Identify the issues your school or district struggles with the most, such as a transitory student population, a high number of children of migratory workers, or a large number of high-poverty students. Once you’ve identified issues, examine the specific problems they raise. For example, high-poverty students may lack access to quality reading materials and adequate technology to promote reading.

Develop a Solution

After identifying problems, search for an effective solution by asking critical questions such as:
  What is the end result you’d like to see?
  How will a solution address the identified problems?
  How does it improve the quality of education for students?
  How will it allow teachers to be more efficient and effective?
  How will it assist the school’s leadership?

Questions like these will help you find a solution that addresses your unique needs, and will help focus your grant application.

Plan to Evaluate

Competitive grants require a detailed evaluation. Think about how evaluating progress will affect student performance and teacher practice, both of which significantly impact an application’s quality and increase its chances of winning funding. In addition, think about creative ways to evaluate your solutions. Create an evaluation rubric to determine the viability and impact of your proposed solution.

Create a Timeline

Commit to a date to implement the selected solution. This is a good time to gather stakeholders and develop your timeline. Use it as a placeholder to maintain your focus, and begin to develop the steps needed to meet that date. Fill in your timeline with the necessary steps between today and the date you chose to implement your solution, but be flexible with the implementation date. As the plan develops, the date may need to change.


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