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Implementation Training

Earobics offers a full suite of training sessions designed to build and support effective Earobics implementations.

Administrative Workshops
Professional development specialists partner with administrators to plan and design the Earobics implementation and give administrators hands-on experience with the Earobics program. Specialists demonstrate the powerful reporting features included with Earobics, how to use the Earobics Assessment Roadmap to effectively monitor progress and deliver targeted intervention instruction, and develop usage expectations for the program.

Initial Implementation Training
Earobics offers initial implementation training sessions for all teachers involved in the Earobics implementation. These sessions, included with the purchase of each Earobics product, are designed to prepare teachers to implement Earobics in their classrooms. Each session includes discussion of literacy strategies and best practices, hands-on interaction with the Earobics materials, discussion of scheduling and implementation goal setting, and modeling of class activities.

Refresher/New Teacher Training
To ensure the continued effectiveness of the Earobics implementation, Earobics professional development specialists are also available for additional training sessions for new teachers and teachers who could benefit from additional training.

If you would like more information about implementation training, please contact the Earobics Professional Development Department.