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On-site Support

To ensure the continued success of our partners, Earobics offers ongoing professional development sessions throughout the school year to help educators make the most of their Earobics implementation, and use it to effectively address each student’s unique needs.

Grade Level Meeting
Designed to ensure a successful implementation at the classroom level, grade level meetings cover facilitating initiation of Earobics into the classroom, evaluating and interpreting Earobics data, and identifying Earobics activities and resources to support the literacy curriculum and state standards. The Earobics specialist also meets with administrators to discuss the implementation and its progress toward meeting goals.

In-class coaching
Earobics professional development specialists are also available for in-class coaching to assist individual educators in delivering effective literacy intervention instruction. During a visit, specialists meet with classroom teachers, model Earobics activities, and provide individualized attention to staff. The session concludes with an administrative meeting to provide a summary of the session and plan for next steps.

If you would like more information about on-site support, please contact the Earobics Professional Development Department.