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Earobics and RTI

Earobics is a research-based, proven literacy program that contributes to a child's reading success. The program can be used to offer effective early intervention before children fall behind their peers, therefore reducing special education referrals.

As a Tier 2 intervention, Earobics is a scientifically-based supplemental intervention solution that includes resources for small groups as well as individuals.

For students at Tier 3, Earobics facilitates more intensive intervention and individualized instruction. Through the Earobics Assessment Roadmap, instruction can be targeted to the individual needs of each student based on assessment instruments such as DIBELS.

Earobics tools allow teachers and administrators to monitor and chart student progress. The software program includes performance alert indicators, which allows teachers to quickly identify students who are struggling in specific areas. Assessment Roadmap Lesson Completion reports document the intervention efforts teachers have used to help meet learning objectives.

The reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act calls for professional development in order for teachers to deliver interventions, including scientifically-based literacy instruction. We offer high-quality customized professional development for teachers and other educators, which facilitates the effective use of instructional strategies to meet students' literacy needs.

For more information about Earobics and RTI, visit the RTI Assessment and Intervention section.